Salvador Puig Antich

Barcelona, 2013

I developed this project at Llotja School of Art and Design in Barcelona

This work is udner a Creative Commons License

Licencia de Creative Commons

Redesign of the initial credits of the film “Salvador Puig Antich”. This was the final project of the subject “Audiovisual technology and animation”.

The briefing consisted in translating the concepts of a given narrative into the language of animation. For this I made an intense analysis of what Barcelona was like in the 1970s: social movements, world historical events, historical figures, politics, search for ancient real recordings, images …

In this case I started to work the images in Photoshop, creating layers in 2D and then in After Effects to convert them into a 3D space, and thus get the movement inside an old photograph. The purpose of all this is to situate the viewer in the atmosphere of the film, the time and the location where the events happen.

Music: Lluís Llach