No Good

Barcelona, 2012

Project developed at Llotja School of Art and Design in Barcelona, along with Laura Carvajal, Marina Berrocal and Erica López.

This work is under a Creative Commons License

Licencia de Creative Commons

The project was to design the pilot number (initial version of the publication before the release) of the magazine: No Good, cultural interference magazine.

No Good is a current magazine aimed at a university and urban target with social concerns. Each issue of the magazine is dedicated to a single theme.

In this first issue, the collective Anonymous was chosen as the main theme. Anonymity, set and claim are some of the attributes of this band.

The magazine was shown in the exhibition “Agitadors de consciència” held in the space “La Nau U” in Barcelona from 3 May to 22 June 2012.

Portada i editorial de la revista No Good
Índex de la revista No Good
Article de la revista No Good
Article Anonymous de la revista No Good
Detall del peu de la revista No GoodDetall de la portada de la revista No Good
Tipografies utilitzades en el disseny de la revista