Neville Brody

Barcelona, 2012

I developed this project at Llotja School of Art and Design in Barcelona.

This work is under a Creative Commons License

Licencia de Creative Commons

The project’s brief was design a DIN A3 poster dedicated to Neville Brody, a transgressive, experimental, innovative and purely creative typographer, who revolutionized graphic design by breaking some rules.

Thus, the poster had to convey the stylistic influences of the era and the values ​​that characterized Brody’s work.

Firstly I created a content hierarchy to decide a composition of the elements within the page. I determined what typographies the author would use to ensure good legibility at a certain distance. Finally, I made a grid, but always following the principle of Neville Brody (typography allows the luxury of conditioning the whole design).

The poster contains a brief biography and a list of typographic families designed by the author.

Grid of tribute poster design
Neville Brody typographies
Poster design by Neville Brody
Poster design by Neville Brody