Tàrrega, 2012

I developed this project at Llotja School of Art and Design in Barcelona.

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Redesign of the logotype, logosymbol and corporate material of Batbatuka, the batucada group of Tàrrega.

In each letter of the logo there are small interruptions, pauses, silences… simulating the fresh and unforeseeable rhythms that Batbatuka offers us in each performance.

The logosymbol consists of two drumsticks placed diagonally are converging on the patch of a drum. The circle represents the union of the components of the musical group, and the oblique line symbolizes dynamism and action, thus showing the spirit of the whole.

Branding has been applied on t-shirts and advertising material (two types of flyers). For the information leaflets two illustrations were made playing with geometric shapes. I also had to develop pictograms for the most representative instruments of the group.

Vectors del logotip BatbatukaLogotip Batbatuka sobre negre
Logosímbol Batbatuka sobre blancLogotip Batbatuka sobre blanc
Colors utilitzats en la marca Batbatuka
Samarreta de màniga curta Batbatuka
Sudadera Batbatuka vista del davant
Sudadera Batbatuka vista del darrera
Pictogrames dels instruments de percussió
Flyers publicitaris Batbatuka
Il·lustració vectorial Batbatuka